British Summer Time

August. I have strange memories of August as a kid. I seem to remember that every day of the school summer holidays was warm and sunny, bright and exciting. I’m sure this can’t be true, because I also remember every November 5th being clear and crisp. Rain doesn’t figure in my childhood memories at all. It must have rained sometimes. But yesterday, it rained.

Then rained.

Then it stopped for about a minute. I think that someone, somewhere was taking a breath. Because then it rained again.

All day long.

Now, I have nothing against the rain as it were, it’s very nice for making things grow, filling up the reservoirs, nice weather for ducks, yada yada yada… but I do feel dead sorry for the kids (most of them) who are out of school and can’t go outside. Hang on, most of them don’t go outside anyway. They’re too busy being indoors and playing age-inappropriate games on their various consoles. Silly me. Alright, well, I feel sorry for people who booked weddings in August on the offchance that with it being in the middle of summer, they might see a ray or two of sunlight. We had some beautiful weather during the week and the sudden downturn was almost startling.

But… that’s the UK for you. We have weather, not a climate. I suppose if you want to drop into the ‘my glass is half full’ camp, you could say that at least it’s never dull. It’s been mostly overcast today, which is fine. I can accept that as my friend’s sister is getting married today. I’m glad she didn’t have the wedding yesterday!

Work is outrageously busy; so much so that I went in for a couple of hours this morning (Sunday) to get ahead of the game before I go mental next week. It was slightly eerie; obviously it’s a hospital so it’s never completely empty, but the block I work in was completely empty apart from me. I always think it’s really strange how places take on a different aspect when you go there out of hours. Still. Got the equivalent of an afternoon’s work done in two hours – the joy of the phone not ringing every two minutes with the booking office phoning for treat-by dates that I’m sure they’re more than capable of working out for themselves.

Writing is going brilliantly. Valkia the Bloody is continuing to race along a great rate of knots and I’m still enjoying writing it. With it being Warhammer Fantasy, it’s nice to re-visit a genre that was mainly my reading fodder for years. It’s  hard to remember not to arm the bad guys with plasma cannons on occasion, or to send a Thunderhawk swooping in to deal with the threat… which is probably indicative of how much I miss my Space Marines. I love writing for those guys. I am looking forward very optimistically to the future, however, and I’m sure that I haven’t seen the last of them yet.

Couple of additional projects outside VtB on the go; known variously as Project: Lonestar, Project: Zomgoose and Project: Attack of the 20ft Chicken.

Have done a fair whack of writing today – nothing as intense as the weekend when I wrote about 8k in the equivalent of three hours; but I’m certainly well on target for August. In another 7k words or so, I’ll be halfway through the novel which is always a rather delightful place to be. Time management will be quite the challenge in the weeks coming up, but as long as I pace it, there shouldn’t be any real problem. I think my going into work today may alleviate some of the work-related stress that impacts on my mood for writing when I get home. My dad is coming up tomorrow to return Small Son after his fortnight down south, so that will sort of force me to be sociable tomorrow night. But then Small is off to his dad’s for another two weeks which should give me ample opportunity to skirt August’s target. Then we have a two week holiday and whilst we’re not going away, we might have days out or whatever.

So August will be interesting. Check back later to see if my sanity is still intact or if I’m gibbering quietly in the corner. I mean, you may not notice a difference… but check anyway.


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