Pre Games Day Frothing

Games Day 2010 was brilliant. I remember it quite clearly. It was only my second Games Day and it was so far removed from the first one that it was wild. This year… well, this year, things are going to be pretty different and yet the entire day is looking more interactive than I’ve seen in the now three years I’ve been going – particularly from the Black Library point of views. They even have a map!

This year, I get to attend as a guest. Am a proper author-type thing now. I get to sit there and (hopefully) sign copies of my book that people have (hopefully) bought. I’m looking forward to it enormously because a lot of people I know of t’interwebs have promised to come and say ‘hi’. They’ve been promised lollipops as well. That may be a deciding factor of course, but Christian has cake. It’ll be a close call.

You see this? I have these. Cake is SO last year. DRUMSTICKS, PEOPLE.

Dearly Beloved won the local round of the Armies on Parade competition, so he has his own thing to be doing, whilst Not-So-Small-Any-More-Son will be tearing around like a blue-arsed fly. He’s already thinking about his conversion, what he wants to see… he’s excited. We’re all excited. I’m especially excited. I really can’t wait. Not only will it be a great day for fans of the Warhammer-verses, but it’ll also be a great chance to see all the other BL authors who I have gotten quite fond of really.

And these. I have these, too.

Hope to see some of you fine people there. Tune in on Monday for the Post Games Day update…


The cake is a lie.

The lollies are where it’s at.


3 thoughts on “Pre Games Day Frothing

  1. Nick says:

    Looking forward to saying Hi on Sunday!

  2. Enjoy the day – I’m sure it will be a blast!

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