I hit the completed first draft of Valkia the Bloody last night, reasonably ahead of schedule. Gives me lots of editing time which I’m pleased about. I’ve enjoyed writing this book and I’m actually looking forward to going back and reading it again. I’m one of those writers who prefers to get everything down… to capture the actual story and then go back and get editing. I suspect that as I keep moving forward, I’ll change that practise, but for now, that’s how I roll.

That’s how I roll. Reminds me of this cartoon that Jon Green posted earlier today. It made me chuckle. Thus… sharing.


So. Now that Valkia is at first draft status, this means I can take a wee bit of a breather. And it will have to be a tiny break as I need to finish up Project: Blimey, Who’d Have Thunk? Over the last six months, I’ve written so much stuff that I can hardly remember whether up is down or left is right. Everything is such a whirlwind. The ‘day’ job has been hellishly busy which has meant that I’ve been pretty tired when I get in from work. In a ‘meh, I’m tired, I don’t wanna write’ kind of a way. It’s impeded on my precious World of Warcraft time, has meant I haven’t really had a proper go at Space Marine yet… and yet I love it. I love how busy I am.

Life is good.

Heading down to Warhammer World this Saturday (15th October) for another scribbling session, in the company of the illustrious C.Z. Dunn who will similiarly be scribbling over copies of his W40k game book, Hive of the Dead. I’ve not yet got my grubbies on a copy of this tome, but I intend to on Saturday. By Sunday, I fully intend to be emailing him and whining about how crap I am at game books. I was always dreadful at the Fighting Fantasy games years ago and I suspect that dreadfulness will have been ported into adulthood. My brother always used to tell me I was a terrible cheat.

Speaking of brothers (which we were in a roundabout sort of a way), check out this uber-picture of the Primarchs by Neil Roberts. Clicky for details.

Imagine popping out onto the balcony for a quick ciggie and finding this lot standing there.

What else can I regale you with? Not a lot, really. The nights are getting darker and we now have to switch the bedroom light on when the alarm goes off. Soon, the clocks will go back and winter will have us in its grip. This is actually fine by me, I like winter. As long as any snow we have this year doesn’t hang around. Nothing personal against snow other than I hate driving in it. I trust my own ability to drive in the snow and ice, but my word… some of the muppets who insist that WHITE STUFF DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING TO ME and still hurtle along at break-neck speed… they scare me senseless.


Right, enough rambling, I’m going to go fire up Valkia and start nudging it about. Not too hard, she’s a reasonably scary wench and I don’t think she would take too kindly to being nudged about unnecessarily.


Dan posted this picture, taken at Games Day on his blog earlier. I love it. We’re not QUITE as impressive as the Primarchs, but a motley crew nonetheless.

The Writist Squad muster for battle. Or it may actually have been mustering for dinner. I forget. Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Breather

  1. AJ says:

    Yay for first draft status!

  2. Congratulations! Now hurry up with the edits. I gots some monies what need spendin’…

  3. Well done on completing the draft. I imagine that must feel pretty special. I’d love to finish a sentence personally but I never seem to manage even th

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