The Root of All Evil (Or: Zen and the Art of Procrastination Revisited)

It’s not money. That’s for sure. The root of all evil is the internet. It keeps giving me things to look at that distract me from writing. Things that make me laugh, mostly. I like to laugh and the internet is a seemingly bottomless pit of farcical, funny, stupid and generally pointless things. But then I start questioning why it is that some things make me laugh more than others.

For example.

Hell, yeah. I want someone to breed these. And deploy them in a battle situation.

I find that outrageously funny. As with all the demotivational-type pictures, the humour really comes from the caption. Most LOLCat images wouldn’t be even remotely entertaining if it wasn’t for the caption. But where do people find these images from in the first place? Seriously? Where in the cosmos is there a tiger underwater? Is it Photoshopped? Did the tiger have clearance to swim in that pool? (I mean, fair enough, nobody’s going to argue… also, how did it manage to put the money into the locker without opposable thumbs?)

You start to see how the process goes. Most people go:

1. See funny thing.
2. Laugh.
3. Forget about it and move on.

My own personal situation seems to be:

1. See funny thing.
2. Laugh.
3. Forget about it for a while, then remember it.
4. Fail to find funny thing again and lament fact I did not save it last time.
5. Find funny thing again.
6. Laugh.
7. Write a blog post about why I waste so much time on the internet.
8. Realise that I’m a champion procrastinator. Feel oddly pleased by this.
9. Pleasure gives way to guilt.
10. Remember other funny image I saw the other night and go find it.

Dogs really are this stupid. Cats rule, dogs drool. Or something.

And the next thing you know, we’re into the cycle again. Now I’m laughing at the dog in the sprinkler. Meanwhile, at the bottom of my screen, my open Word document is glaring accusingly at me. If I alt-tab into it… I see a very cross Silver Skulls warrior. He’s cross in the context of the story and I suspect he’s cross because I’ve abandoned him in the middle of a pretty dismal situation to laugh at pictures of underwater tigers and dogs standing in sprinklers.

So I’d better get back to him.

In the meantime, here’s another water-related silly.




7 thoughts on “The Root of All Evil (Or: Zen and the Art of Procrastination Revisited)

  1. AJ says:

    Silver Skulls woooo!

    And have you seen the captioned snaps Paul aka Greywulf put up all day today on FB? Some of them are downright hilarious.

  2. Mossy says:

    I happen to have been to a zoo with a tiger pen where the viewing enclosure had a pool with glass walls that matched up with the regular walls, so when the tiger went for a swim, people could see it underwater. I’d hazard that’s a similar situation here.

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