Plan Ahe

Re: title of today’s blog. That always used to make me laugh. In fact, I had a badge with it on. I also had a badge with a smug looking dog and the caption ‘Don’t Eat Yellow Snow’ as well, so draw your own conclusions.

(Complete tangent: I chucked a few old CDs onto iTunes earlier, including a Best of Disney CD. Don’t judge me. But ‘The Best of Friends‘ from The Fox and the Hound just came on. Just hearing the opening bars makes me tear up. Damn that film. There is no film more capable of reducing me to incomprehensible weeping than that one. I own it on DVD. I’ve never been brave enough to sit and watch it since I bought it).

Anyway, planning ahead.

I’ve just started work on my next big project, known as Project: Loophole. At the moment, I’m entirely uncertain how much I can say about it. Probably more than I’m saying, but you know. Being cagey is fun. But it’s a longer term project, which means setting myself goals and targets. I enjoy doing that bit. I’ve cleaned off my whiteboard which was full of stuff I’d already finished and I’ve put down my upcoming targets. I’ve set up my new progress spreadsheet (because I really am that nerdy). I’ve even actually started the writing part of the project. I’m already complaining inside the cavernous confines of my own mind of course.

This is what it's always like for me at the start of a project. Honestly.

It’s a bit of a lie actually. Things haven’t yet gone horribly awry, but I’m not being as  productive as I’d like to be. I’m going to blame Christmas. Even that’s difficult because this year, for what’s probably the first time ever, I’m actually prepared for Christmas. In fact, I finished the majority of my shopping at the beginning of December. This confuses and upsets my usual last minute panic self. I’ve changed, man. I’ve become organised. I’m a traitor to the rebellious youth I was. I even came in from work tonight and sorted out a pile of stuff that’s been sat there for probably as long as we’ve been in this house. Which is… uh… eight years this year? Something like that. Shameful, I know.

(Sha la la la la la don’t be scared, you’ve got the mood prepared go on and… kiss the girl).

Anyway, Loophole.

Every time I start something new, I think ‘shall I approach it in a different way than before’? This time I’m feeling less inclined to beat myself up over word count because I know that when it matters, I can deliver. I also need to avoid something I did with The Pact which was to edit as I went along. That style of writing really, really didn’t sit well with me. I much prefer to get the words nailed down onto the page and then tweak them around. Then my editor beast gets his paws on the finished product and so far, I’ve found the editing process extremely useful. I’d like to say that I get frustrated at the editing stage just so I can use this picture.

This is all true. Or a lie. But that might be a lie also.

I’m excited about Project: Loophole because it’s something a little bit different for me and gives me a chance to get pretty creative. It also allows me to use a few characters who have been sitting around in the brain closet crying out for attention. They’re going to get their moment in the sun. So that’s keeping my mind pretty occupied for now.

Feedback on The Gildar Rift continues to slip in and it’s all still good. It got a four-star review in issue 217 of SFX Magazine, which made me feel pretty proud. Age of Legend, a WHF anthology is also now out in the wild and my Valkia short story Bloodraven has met with an apparently good reception. Valkia the Bloody comes out in July next year and I’m really looking forward to people seeing that one, because I am seriously proud of how it came out.

One of the other things that’s been nice to see is the number of people who have arrived here at the blog searching for Accursed Eternity which is my 30k Space Marines Battles novella, and one of the Architect of Fate arc. It’s a nice thought that people have read TGR and are looking for more stuff. Accursed Eternity is currently available as an e-book download, but comes out in a physical, new-book-smell form in May 2012 as well.

(Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side).

Right, well that’s my blog update sorted. That wasn’t even in the plan for tonight. See? Planning ahead doesn’t always produce results.

Back to the grind, the slog, the coal face, etc., etc., etc…

One thought on “Plan Ahe

  1. AJ says:

    Yay for progress!

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