The Other Side…

First of all, Happy New Year to you all. 2012 already, eh? Or more importantly, the 1st January 2012, which means that Sherlock is on tonight. Boo and indeed ya.

So how was the holiday season for you all? Mine was… mixed. Without going into too much depressing detail, there were a couple of reasons I didn’t enjoy Christmas as much as I otherwise would have done, but I have appreciated the time off work. During this important time off work, I have written very few words and have instead enjoyed taking time out with my boys. Dearly Beloved only had Christmas Day/Boxing Day and then yesterday and today off work, but I have loved having the extra opportunities to have both him and Not So Small Anymore Son around.

Christmas haul consisted largely of DVDs and books and some pretty awesome colour-changing LED lightbulbs. Also, I FINALLY got a dock for my iPhone. This makes me content and happy. There was also an assortment of chocolate (including a chocolate orange – RESULT!). DVDs received mean that we added Supernatural seasons 5 & 6 to the collection, along with season 4 of Stargate: Atlantis. Also finally got to watch Captain America which we somehow missed during its cinema run. Was a little disappointed with it, but only relative to the other Avenger-member films that have been out so far. (For me, Iron Man and Thor have been my favourites). It was awesome to watch through the end credits and get a bit excited at seeing the names of two of our friends from LRP who were involved with the production team, though! 😀

So, 2012.

<Insert usual New Year Resolutions here with a couple of newcomers>:

Newcomer Resolution 1: Actively look for a new job. The thought of going back on Tuesday is not a happy one.
Newcomer Resolution 2: Build and paint those cheeky Silver Skulls. Incidentally, the main reason I picked Silver Skulls was because of the clue that’s in the name. They’re silver. This equals a much easier ‘beginner to the whole thing’ paint scheme. I want to get them built by Black Library Live! 2012 so that I can play (badly) some games against some of the Bolthole Gang. I will lose. I am a complete beginner.
Newcomer Resolution 3: Plan my writing time more effectively. Having the time to spend with the Boys was outstanding and I realised just how intense 2011 was in terms of writing. From September 2010 until now, I have actually not stopped. I did randomly work it out and in the past 15 months, I have written something like 400,000 words of Black Library – and other – related stuff. Taking this last week off was, therefore, deserved. I did do some writing so that I met my December target for Project: Loophole – and I have a fairly intense target for the next month, but it’ll all be good, I’m confident enough.
Newcomer Resolution 4: House things. Some of this falls under the <usual resolutions> header, but there are more elaborate things this year. The first and probably easiest in terms of disruption is to get the loft boarded out. Sounds simple enough, right? But bear in mind neither me nor Dearly Beloved are DIY people and you can imagine the scale of this problem. We are constantly reassured by people who have Done This Task that it’s dead easy. They’ve never met us and our tendency for household disaster. I will update you on this one. If we board out the loft, we will have more storage space and this in itself will solve the second task which is to store things! There’s a couple of other, more expensive and disruptive projects which I’ll get to in time. The first is the bathroom, the second is the kitchen. Both involve disruption, time and money. The first, we’re used to. The other two are harder to deal with.

Speaking of time and money, combined with the fact that we both enjoyed the extra time to ourselves, LRP is probably not on the cards for 2012. If we do go to any sort of live roleplaying, it probably won’t be with the system we used to play.

Things that are on the cards in the upcoming months are BLL!2012 at the beginning of March and Salute! in April. I’m looking forward to both of these events enormously.

Comments on The Gildar Rift have continued to be amazingly positive and I’m feeling very proud of myself. Initial feedback for my first WHF short story, Bloodraven which is in the Age of Legend anthology has also been pretty positive and I’m looking forward to my second novel, Valkia the Bloody going on release in July.

But for now, it’s enjoy the last couple of days of the holiday before the cycle of work-writing-sleep starts over… with the fundamental change of work-writing-funtimes-sleep.

So happy 2012, folks and here’s hoping it’s better that/the same as/mysteriously worse than*  2011!

*delete as applicable according to preference.


Oh yes! Accursed Eternity, my 40k novella, got a review!


4 thoughts on “The Other Side…

  1. millest says:

    All the best for 2012 and hopefully its less manic but no less productive.

    Good luck with the Silver skulls (maybe you can pursuaed the FW guys to release some doors and pads now) and good luck at BL-Live. Look forward to more of your novels.

  2. Nothing says Christmas like a chocolate orange.

    What’s your next novel going to be?

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  3. Jamie Harris says:

    I just started a Silver Skulls force myself and while looking for details on them I found your Short Stories listed on Hammer and Bolter. I have just downloaded the First 1st and 5th issues to read your stories (once I have finished Last Ditch). I am really looking forward to reading them!

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