With apologies to Doctor Seuss.

You were lovely, little hard drive, and you safely stored my stuff.
I’d type all night and save my files until I’d had enough.
You were tiny, compact, portable… a joy for me to use.
I never thought that you would bring to me the Writer’s Blues.
We’d seen two novels, you and I, and you had stored them well.
But then last week, my darling little hard drive… oh, it fell!
There was nothing to suspect that you would let me down that morning,
You upped and left and took my stuff with not even a warning!
I plugged you into something else and still you wouldn’t budge
I shook you gently, tapped you too and gave your case a nudge
But nothing that I did (or said; believe me, I did swear)
Would get you to show up on My Computer. You weren’t there!
I took you to a friend of mine whose knowledge far exceeded;
‘Don’t worry,’ he said confidently, ‘I’ll get those things you needed.’
But after he had tried all things that should have made you live,
It seemed that not a byte of all my data would you give.
So RIP, my Maxtor Drive, because you are no more
The only use you’ll ever have is to open up a door.

One thought on “Lament

  1. AJ says:

    That’s a lot of dead, just saying. Glad you retrieved a fair bit of your stuff from other sources though. That must have been a relief.

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