Bridge Over Troubled Waters

First things first: I’ll be at Black Library Live 2012 this weekend, taking part in a few of the panels and defacing books. Look forward to seeing people!

In other news…

I started reading Knight of the Blazing Sun by m’colleague Josh Reynolds today. I’m about a third of the way through it and I’m enjoying it very much. Josh has a very delightful writing style that engaged me almost instantly and despite his very apparent apathy and the fact that I keep hearing him say ‘buh… what?’ in my  head, I’ve developed a strange affinity for the main character, Hector Goetz. Hector is kind of bimbling through life, when all he really wanted to do was build bridges.

I can relate.

When we had our careers advice session at school at the end of the fourth year (that’s year 10 to you Young People), the Nice Man[1] and I engaged in the following conversation.

Him: So. Have you had any thought to what you might want to do when you leave school? I see from your options that you’re studying… (consults sheet) er… art, drama, biology… Spanish?… computer studies and the usual Englishes and what have you.[2]

Me: Um… no. Not really. I like bridges though.

Him: What?

Me: Bridges. You know. Things that transport you from one side of an obstacle to the other. Big bridges. Big, sweeping, magnificent bridges. (contented sigh).

Him: Right. (consults watch) Had you considered a career as a teacher?

It turns out that he advisedeveryone to become a teacher. But not, funnily enough, a careers adviser.

So I never got to build bridges which is probably for the best. Seriously, my attention span is so painfully short that I’d probably have stopped six inches from finishing the thing to go off and start a new one. All around the country, there’d be 98% complete bridges. But I still like bridges. Seriously. I have an inner civil engineer (although I tend to swear like a trooper a lot of the time, so it’s more an uncivil engineer) who will actually make me take detours against my will just to look at a bridge.

I went up to Newcastle on the train today. Now that’s one of my favourite things. The Tyne is replete with marvellous bridges of all shapes and sizes. The view is really quite spectacular:-

The Tyne Bridge itself of course is a pretty well-known landmark. But for me, the star attraction is the Millennium Bridge. Because it’s just… beautiful.

There are.. no words. It's just gorgeous.

Also, check out this man’s photography site. There are some STUNNING local landscapes in his gallery.

Whilst thinking about bridges earlier, I found this site. I’ve known for ages that I’d kill to go see the Millau Bridge, but now I want to travel the world and see some of those other spectacular feats of engineering. And there you go, you’ve learned about my shameful bridge-based secret.



[1] This is obviously a lie.
[2] I made terrible option choices. I ended up taking exams in English Lit and Language, Drama, Art, Social Studies, Mathematics and Biology. The Spanish teacher took off in the middle of the first year of studying it and so did the Computer Studies teacher. We never got as far as exams in those. Also, I still have no idea what I might want to do when I grow up. Apart from build bridges, obviously.


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