Drive-by Update

A fleeting update. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Black Library is celebrating its 15th birthday with a new eShort every day for 15 days. Each little piece is around a thousand words in length and available for download for the cost of 79p a pop.

My contribution to this, Blood Blessing (a Valkia short) went up on the second day and can be found here. It’s in advance of Valkia the Bloody which is due to be released in early July. I can’t believe the year has moved on this quickly to the point that Valkia is only a couple of months off release. Looking out of the window now, there are buds on the trees (which you can just about make out amidst this very foggy morning) and spring is definitely in the air.

Things coming up:

* Architect of Fate due for release in May: my 30,000 word novella Accursed Eternity is the first story in this anthology. Having now read the other three stories (by Darius Hinks, Ben Counter and John French respectively), I feel honoured to be in their company.

* Looking forward to alt.fiction – April 13-15th in Leicester. I went to this event last year and it was incredibly useful. Lots of tips and lots of lovely people. M’colleague Jim Swallow is one of the guests at this event and will be holding court on All Things Gamey. As in games, rather than, y’know. Venison and whatever.

* I will be going to the Salute wargaming event on April 21st down in London and am looking forward to that enormously.

* Valkia the Bloody comes out in July.

* The Black Library Weekender event is in November and I can’t wait for that. It’s going to be huge.

On top of these Things Coming Up, I am busily working. Project: Loophole is almost at first edit stage and Project: ME, ME, ME is fired up and ready to go. Project: Backburner is suggesting something of a tweak to me and I’m just generally thrilled to be so busy and to still be enjoying being so busy.

On top the on top of the Things Coming Up, there are planned visits to wonderful folks down in Kentfordshire at some point; two weeks off in August (our original plans may be scuppered due to the sheer cost of travelling anywhere in the school holidays)… and continuing re-decoration to the house. Somehow I will find the time.

All is well in the World of the Second Job.


3 thoughts on “Drive-by Update

  1. Jon Beer says:

    Will you be going to Salute in an official capacity, or just for a wander round?
    See you there πŸ™‚

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