Competition Time!

So. I have here, in my hand, a couple of copies of Valkia the Bloody which I’d like to put my scrawl upon and give away as competition prizes. I’ve pondered all day, wondering what I can do to make it fun and entertaining and then I hit upon the perfect solution.

Check out this website. We discovered it years ago and have had hours of fun with it. Play around. Get used to it. What I propose is… create your very own Warhammer (or Warhammer 40k) movie and post the link here! The ones that make me laugh the most will be the winners. There’s B-movie TV, Bombay TV and Abitbol TV. Use whichever you like, but please keep it reasonably free of bad language if you can manage it.

Let’s say until the end of next week – so Friday 18th May, entries are welcomed.

Over to you!

16 thoughts on “Competition Time!

  1. Mark-Anthony Fenech says:

    This is me and my friends totally acting our age :p I’m the one in the Wacken tshirt.

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