Get Out of It, Old. Hey, New. Pull Up a Beanbag.

So here we are, a week into 2013 and so far, it’s remarkably like 2012. With slightly less rain.

Christmas came, Christmas went. New Year’s Eve was spent in that most traditional of ways; drinking tea and watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey. (Yes, I know, we’re already on about season 8,000,000, but we’re slow on the uptake around here. Shush.) It was a nice enough holiday period; might have been vastly improved by my not being ill and if Himself hadn’t broken his leg in November, but you know. The Not So Small Anymore Son had a nice day and got all he had hoped for.

2012 wasn’t the best of years, but certainly not the worst. If anything, I’d put it down as ‘largely indifferent’. I don’t have any resolutions for 2013, not as such… but there was a nice idea circulating on the interwebs that I’ve nabbed. Quite simply… I have a jar in the kitchen into which I put little slips of paper that detail Nice Things That Have Happened. At the end of the year, I shall upend it, re-read it and enjoy the fact that there are good things going on all the time. These might not be life-altering events, in fact, they might just be incredibly simple, like the one I’m about to write.

Finally stopped procrastinating, took the cellophane off and watched The Artist. It was awesome!

Mundane? Yes, maybe. But it gave me a feel-good factor. Also, Jean Dujardin is kinda cute. Also, I love the silent film genre. Small Himself will enjoy this film too, I wager. He has the right sort of mindset for it.

Speaking of kinda cute, and we kinda were… got round to seeing The Hobbit, again probably about sixteen bajillion years after everyone else. Now there’s been all kinds of interwebs-based whining about this film, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that I really enjoyed it. I liked the dwarves/dwarfs* particularly. I was gutted that all we saw of Smaug was a nostril and an eyeball but still. He’s my favourite dragon in literature. 

The movie version of Les Miserables is out next week. I plan to go. I will remember to take tissues.

Been writing a bit this last week, which is always a pleasure after a bit of a hiatus. One story completed, another story re-drafted and submitted for consideration, a third started and a fourth mostly planned out. I need to really pull my finger out and get some of them written. Star Wars: The Old Republic has largely sucked the last few months out of my life… and this is no bad thing. I’ve met a whole bunch of new folks, all of whom are frankly awesome and who have kept me sane.

Sanity is probably overrated. Sanity is that thing which has kicked in and said ‘yep. You need to fork out a metric fucktonne of cash and get your roof repaired. Forget your holiday plan for 2013, me ol’ bucko.’ With all that rain towards the end of last year, my aging house is feeling the strain. Shortly, soon will my ever-depleting bank account.

But, you know. Once it’s done, it’s done… and maybe it’ll be less money than I’m anticipating. After all, when we had to have damp coursing done, I’d steeled myself for a particular figure. The guy handed over the quote. I looked at it and said ‘um, did you put the decimal point in the wrong place and/or miss off a zero?’

I can but hope.

So… happy new year, folks. Onwards, upwards, backwards, sideways… and maybe even Up and Out…

Also, go watch The Artist if you haven’t seen it.

* I can never remember which fandom is which plural. Deal with it.


One thought on “Get Out of It, Old. Hey, New. Pull Up a Beanbag.

  1. David says:

    We do something similar at my office, except the slips of paper are things that have annoyed us in the workplace. At the end of the year we all go out to lunch and hold the Airing of Grievances over a nice meal.

    This sounds a little nicer, though mine might be funnier. 🙂

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