Courting Controversy

I really haven’t forgotten my blog exists. It’s just… well, there seems to be so little to enthusiastically blog about lately. Work has been keeping me pretty busy and my ‘downtime’ is spent almost exclusively playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which I still love.

I’m getting back into the writing swing though: Project: Carpark (which I really, really hope to share properly with you all very soon) has started writing itself as I go along. I’m still procrastinating like a complete hero, though. In fact, I’m so keen to find something to do that isn’t writing what I’m meant to be writing… I’m here.

Thought I’d drop in and invite the Hatred of the Masses with my four-word review of Game of Thrones that seems to stun everyone else into silence.

It’s not my thing.

Wait. Pause for effect.


Yep. That’s right. Game of Thrones is quite simply not my thing. This apparently makes me a lesser human being and if you wish to now pelt me with rancid fruit, please feel free.

I really enjoyed the first series. It was refreshing and enjoyable. Then, about halfway through (and I may be being generous here) the second series, something just flicked my ‘interested’ switch all the way off. More of the same. Some stuff. Joffrey being vile. Daenarys failing to have a clue. Yawn yawn yawn. So I personally chose to stop watching it at that point.

Himself has continued to watch it, but from the comments that come from the living room on a Monday evening, I think he’s sincerely wondering why he bothers. In fact, he’s blogged his own thoughts on it. The first post can be found here, the second can be found here. And hopefully WordPress will actually let the linking work this time. Stupid WordPress.

Incidentally, I started reading the books before the TV series, quite a long time ago. I didn’t particularly enjoy them either. Read one, didn’t bother with the rest. And now I won’t bother with the rest. In part, this is because TV adaptations of anything kind of ruin it. I prefer visualising characters for myself.

One of the shouts that’s been echoing around the universe for the past week or so is the frankly silly comment that ‘if you’d read the books, you’d understand the motivations of X, Y or Z’. Oh, do put a cork in it. If the TV adaptation had been any good at all, you’d not need to read the books.

And that’s another reason of course why I’ve lost interest. Game of Throne fans, listen. You’re perfectly entitled to enjoy your show, your books, your merchandise – please. Carry on. Only please also note that the ‘ZOMGOOSEONASTICK GoT IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER’ brigade are starting to make you sound like Twilight fans.

Wait. Pause for effect.


No, really. Be careful you don’t start sparkling.

In other news, I’m in attendance at a pretty cool-looking sci-fi convention this weekend, the Futura event at the Light House in Wolverhampton. If you’re in the Midlands, or in striking distance – come along! Should be a lot of fun.


6 thoughts on “Courting Controversy

  1. Mark says:

    You don’t like GoT?! … and that’s OK. You don’t have to like everything out there, like what you like.
    Now if you’d said that you didn’t like The Walking Dead we’d have a problem (kidding).
    Cheeky question time, any more Silver Skulls in the works?

  2. It’s like me not liking Doctor Who… At least not for the duration of its last couple of Doctors, and I still haven’t got the first clue what The Walking Dead is!

    Clearly this stuff simply isn’t made for me any more.

    GoT season 2 is boxed and ready for our viewing pleasure in ‘the Screaming Room’, because that’s what we like to call it, since the-not-so-small misunderstood it’s actual name when he was still the-small… I might let you know what I think, but I might forget.

    BTW it might not be Stratford… Something’s afoot… Excitement might ensue. Crikey! Hold on to your hats, because there’s a fair-to-middling chance this is all going to end up being a bit last minute.

    I could’ve just e-mailed you, couldn’t I, Birdy.

    Best love!


  3. I’ve not even watched GoT. Where does that place me on the scale of plankton to amoeba?

  4. Jeremy Daw says:

    Well, we gave up at more or less the same point, I think. How odd. Nice post. Although you shouldn’t have to defend a decision not to watch something, really… 🙂

  5. Tom Hughes says:

    Yah! I knew that’s what I’ve been disliking recently, they do sound like a bunch of Twilight fans (or in fact any spouty fan who claims that they’ve read the best thing ever without reading anything else!)

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