Thank You For The Music…

I have a pretty eclectic playlist. I love music and enjoy nothing more than singing along at the top of my voice on the way to work in the mornings. My car is my space and I’m at my happiest when bellowing my lungs out to whatever is the flavour du jour.

Singing is my personal chicken soup for the soul. I love to sing and am almost always listening to music in one form or other. Streaming Soundtracks is my writing companion, the radio is usually on at work, or I have my headphones in. Not singing along is the toughest thing ever!

I couldn’t pigeonhole my music tastes at all, because I have everything from classical to heavy metal on my playlist, taking in an entire spectrum of film music, musicals, pop, rock… it’s all there. So for an insight into my mind, I hit shuffle play and hereby list you the next five tracks that iTunes picks, along with a little explanation.

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I really like Daft Punk and I’ve never quite been able to say why it is. It’s… different, I suppose. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is one of the Son’s favourites, so that’s why it’s on the playlist. Not exactly something that’s easy to sing along to due to the robotic nature of the vocals, but you know, I can pretend to be a robot instead.

Eagles – Take it Easy

One of my top five songs, this one. It’s a girl, my lord, in a flat-bed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me is one of those lines I like to belt out at top volume. The Eagles are easily one of my favourite bands, taking up no less than three places in my top five (admittedly one of them is Don Henley by himself). I missed an opportunity to see them play live and regretted it forever.

Street Dogs – State of Grace

The Street Dogs came to my attention on a return flight from Chicago a few years ago when we were sat directly behind the band. As it was an overnight transatlantic flight, I didn’t sleep so spent a lot of time prowling up and down the aisles. I got chatting to the band’s lead singer in the kitchen area and he was a really nice guy. We talked about music (naturally) and I promised faithfully I would listen to some of his stuff when I got home. I did. And I’ve never, ever regretted it. Delicious blend of punk-folk-rock. Green Day-esque. Probably falls into the category of angry music, but I like it and so does the Son.

E S Posthumus – Kalki

Picked up on ESP when someone queued them on Streaming Soundtracks and have been hooked ever since. Orchestral pieces, some of which I understand have been used in film trailers, adverts, that sort of thing. This particular track I like very much indeed and cite it as the soundtrack for my Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith warrior theme tune. :

John Williams – The Imperial March

Hah! That’s shuffle play for you! Clearly picked up on my Sithy thoughts and responded appropriately.

John Williams. Empire Strikes Back. Favourite film composer, one of my favourite films. ‘nuff said.

So there you go – just a brief insight into the way my musical mind words. Just for the record, here’s the next five on the shuffle playlist:-

Phantom of the Opera (film version) – Journey to the Cemetery
Barnum – Original London Cast – One Brick at a Time
Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name
Christina Aguilera – Candyman

I love the contrast. Nothing like a bit of variety.

Right, off to sing quietly under my breath so as not to disturb people in the office. Can’t wait for hometime and my own car so I can resume top volume squawking.


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