Go, Go, Gadget Typing Fingers!

I crossed the July target for Project Podshot yesterday. I had estimated that with being away for a week, I’d be about 5k down on target. I’m presently 2k up on it, so this makes me very happy indeed. The story is flowing quite nicely and I’m getting some good feedback from my precious beta readers which is always hugely encouraging. I guess I can also stop calling it Project Podshot now that it’s been announced in the Black Library Coming Soon section, too… So, no more Project Podshot, hello Valkia the Bloody.

For those of you not in the know, Valkia the Bloody, the Gore Queen, the Bringer of Glory and a handful of other titles is the consort of the Big Bad himself, Khorne. She’s a daemon princess and the phrase ‘bad ass’ doesn’t even start to cover it. She wasn’t always a daemon princess of course and the beginning of the novel covers what she did in the years leading up to garnering the interest of Khorne. And yes, it includes the little altercation with Locephax, the daemon prince of Slaanesh. I’m about a chapter and a half away from bringing him into the fray and oh, I’m looking forward to that fight.

There’s more about her in the Warriors of Chaos codex. Goes without saying that she’s from the Warhammer Fantasy-verse. I’m missing my Space Marines horribly, but Fantasy was my reading fodder when I was in my teenage years and it’s wonderful to just charge into a world without bolters and lasers and spaceships, I have to say. The WHF-verse isn’t as popular as the W40K-verse from a literary point of view, something which always surprises me. Particularly when there are books of the quality of Warrior Priest and the wonderful Nagash series. Either way, writing Valkia is proving to be a lot of fun. I’ve already written a couple of short stories featuring her and my editor seemed pretty happy that I’d nailed the character so it’s great to be let loose on a full-length novel.

Apart from the writing, what else is going on? I re-started (and last night completed) Final Fantasy XIII. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. I seem to have a very different attitude to the Final Fantasy series of games compared to that of other people. Ever since the first one I played (VII), I love the stories more than the gameplay. XIII was very different in that it had a bunch of central characters who all had their own stories and level of interest to keep you caring about what happened to them. Plus, as seems to be the case with all Square-Enix stuff, the cut scenes are absolutely delicious. There’s one scene in particular, quite a long way into it. I’ve put a link to it here. If you’re playing/plan to play the game at some point, it probably contains spoilers – but nothing hugely massive. If you’re not interested, it’s still worth watching just because it’s so darned pretty!

Of course, now I have nothing to play. I need to spend some pennies on a new PC so that I can actually play some of the stuff that’s gathering dust: when I bought this current computer I had to do so in a hurry after my old one finally just went ‘pop’. It has an utterly shite onboard graphics card (NVIDIA GEForce 6150SE nforce 430 to be precise), which is completely rubbish and with this being an HP machine, I can’t do a lot about it without upgrading the PSU as well. And I’m not technically smart enough to start ripping the guts out of my computer. So I suppose I’d better write a book or something instead.

The Day Job continues as the grind that it is. Nothing improves, but from a positive point of view, nothing really gets worse either. So I will continue to grin and bear it until an alternative option presents itself.

Went to see the last Harry Potter movie and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoyed the whole franchise and I have no shame whatsoever in acknowledging how much fun I had when I read the books and how reasonably content I was with the screen adaptation. Yes, there were bits that I wish they’d included, yes, there were some other bits that I wish they’d left out, but almost to a character the casting was superb. It’s been a pleasure to watch those three young actors grow up on screen and develop their craft. I reckon Daniel Radcliffe will disappear into obscurity, but given the amount of cash he’s raked in from this venture, it’s no hardship for him. Emma Watson I think will wise up to the acting industry and get out whilst the going is good and I could see Rupert Grint becoming quite the comedian in a year or two. I was sad to realise that in terms of the original phenomenonononononon, that’s it. It’s over. No more Harry Potter. But, you know. Wait for the DVD and there’s going to be a Potter-fest weekend. Maybe I could turn it into a Eurovision-style gathering of people and we could have HP drinking games. Or something.

What else? Oh, yes! After my first toe-dip into the world of podcasting, the Overlords have asked me if I’ll be a monthly regular on their weekly show. I said yes, of course. I laughed so much during the first one that I bounded in at the opportunity. I’ll be on next week’s show as well (and I believe the week after… even in your hobby life you have to cover for people going on holiday…)

It’s August on Monday. That means, assuming the world continues to turn the way it should, that September will follow. This may not seem startling to you guys, but for me, September is going to be something unique. That’s because The Gildar Rift is going on pre-release at Games Day. At some point in the next six weeks or so, I will actually have my hands on a physical copy of the book. The book. That I wrote. It’ll be amazing, because at the moment, everything’s just electronic. The text, the graphics, everything. I can’t wait to see it. It’ll be a dream realised and there’s some great pride in the fact that I know it’s not the only one I’ll ever do.

And on that note, I’m off into Durham to pick up my Silver Skulls shoulder pads…