Well, it’s high noon SOMEWHERE in the world…

I’m an undercover agent for the FBI and have my own helicopter in the back yard. I know seventeen different variations of martial arts, am a fully paid-up member of the grammar police, can kill a man with a carefully directed stare and speak forty nine languages.

Actually, that may be a slight exaggeration. One of those statements may be true.

Wish it was the one about the helicopter, though.

By day, I am a slave to the National Health Service. By evening, night and early morning I am a freelance writer. Much of my back-library was predominately written for the Black Library which means I largely got to write about super-human, 7ft tall, heavily armoured killing machines with BIG guns, bigger swords and a collective mental age of about 15. It probably speaks volumes about me that this suits my personality down to the ground.

I also have a life-long obsession with Doc Holliday and the OK Corral.

Published Work – As of October 2021

    • Action & Consequence [short story] – available as an ebook.
    • Cause & Effect [short story] – available as an ebook.
    • Bitter End [short story] – available as an ebook.
    • Accursed Eternity [novella] – available as an ebook and also in May 2012 as part of the Architect of Fate anthology.
    • The Gildar Rift [novel] – December 2011. Here! Also available as an ebook. Also available as French edition here.
    • The Pact [short story] – available as an ebook.
    • The Cost [short story] – featured in the World of Warcraft anthology What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been, Immanion Press, 2011. Here!
    • Bloodraven [short story] – featuring in the Age of Legend anthology, released January 2012. Also available as an ebook.
    • Reaper [short story] – one of two stories in the Black Library Live! 2012 chapbook. No longer available. This has now been re-released as a downloadable ebook, here!
    • Blood Blessing [short story] – downloadable ‘eShort’ available as part of the Black Library 15th Birthday Celebrations. Here!
    • Valkia the Bloody [novel] – released July 2012. Here! Also available in French and German editions!
    • My first four short stories also feature in the Best of Hammer & Bolter Volume 1 – released July 2012. Here!
    • The Ballad of Gilrain[short story] – part of the ‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’ anthology released by Fox Spirit, August 2012. Here! (Also features an Actual Ballad – here!)
    • Blood Bound [novella] – published in ebook and pretty tree version by Fox Spirit, May 2013. Here!
    • Two more short stories feature in the Best of Hammer & Bolter Volume 2 – released July 2013. Here!
    • Skin Deep  [1,000 word short story as part of the ‘Angels of Death’ series – September 2013] – September 2013. Here!
    • Bitter End [short story] – re-published as part of the There is Only War Anthology – released December 2013. Here!
    • The Tyrant’s Champion [short story] – available as part of the ‘Digital Mondays’ series at the Black Library webpage. Here!
    • Heirs of the Demon King: Uprising [novel] – released July 2014 by Abaddon Books. Here! Also available as non-tree edition.
    • Harbinger [short story] – first short story in the Black Library’s Warhammer Week – July 2014. Here!
    • Portents [novel] – released… at some point in 2015. I completely forget when, because I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway, it’s here!
    • Things [short story] – part of the Fox Pockets collection ‘Things in the Dark’ – May 2016. Here!
    • Cadenza [short story] – part of the Alternative Realities collection ‘Summer’s End’ – December 2016. Here!
    • Gilrain and the Minotaur [short story] – part of the ‘Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur’ anthology released by Fox Spirit, 2017. Here!
    • Champions of Chaos [omnibus] – includes all the Valkia stories and has the added bonus of containing novels by Ben Counter and Darius Hinks – April 2018. Here!
    • Proving Ground  [short story] – part of the Warcry anthology – 2019. Here!
    • Heart of the Fallen [short story] – a Warcry stand-alone tale – 2019. Here!
    • Awake [short story] – part of the Deathwatch: The Long Vigil anthology – 2020. Here!

Wild West Exodus Character Vignettes

Dystopian Wars Tales

Mythos Tales

  • Lucky Charm – a story of Chester Barreman, of the Path of Chronozon
  • Antigonish – a tale of the Priory

Overwatch Character Stories

Bonus DLC

List last updated – May 2021

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Brother Richard says:

    Just caught your name as I chanced across a Podcast Overlords…Looking forward to reading your work Gildar Rift. Keep up the great work! Thank you for the good bio. Note to self – their are like minded loonies on the loose.

    Best Wishes –
    Brother Richard

  2. Robert says:

    I am a huge fan of Warhammer40k and will certainly read your book!

  3. Luke Berry says:

    Good Morning.

    First off, big fan. Loved The Gildar Rift, and I’m looking forward to your future works.
    I’ve set myself a new years resolution that I want to write. I love black library stuff, love the hobbie and the games, so I thought I’d try and write some stuff just for fun.

    If I wanted to take that to the next stage an possibly submit my writing to black library, how would I go about that?

    Any tips with writing and breaking into that circle of black library writers would be much appreciated!

    Anyway, even if I don’t hear back from you, I hope you have a good 2012 and looking forward to your next book.



    • Hi Luke, thanks for the words and welcome aboard!

      This is a very short response as I’m at work on my iPhone, but in the first instance you could do a lot worse than investigating the Black Library Bolthole at http://www.thebolthole.org – where other keen and aspiring BL writers hang out.

      Will post more later 🙂

    • Right. The things I wanted to add were as follows:-

      1) Keep an eye on the BL webpage for news of submissions windows and/or competitions. http://www.blacklibrary.com/Getting-Started/FAQ-Working-For-Black-Library.html

      2) Write. I know that sounds utterly stupid, but write as much as you can. It’s the only way to really improve. And read. Everything. Even the stuff you think you’ll hate.

      3) If you have a penchant for writing fanfiction, try entering the monthly 1,000 word ‘Read in a Rush’ competition over at the Bolthole. It’s a great way of learning to discipline yourself to a wordcount. And is fun to boot!

  4. Hey Sarah,

    Just noticed your name does not appear under the authors tab on the BL website. Strange no?

    Think they owe you some cake now.

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